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Amy Kaplan

MMA fighter Mirko Filipović, better known as Cro Cop, is easily one of the scariest men ever inside of a cage... and he's playing Pokemon Go.

Cro Cop posted a video on his Facebook page last week which shows him running all over an airport trying to catch Pokemon in the new game literally invading the United States.

He is seen running up an escalator, jumping around corners and checking behind walls. No reports on what he caught have surfaced, but don't worry we are working on obtaining the crucial details.

Cro Cop, who also spent time as a member of the Croatian Parliment, has an insane 31-11 professional MMA record and this isn't including his kickboxing or boxing bouts.

He's easily one of the legends of the sport, and at 41-years-old is still fighting!

Cro Cop is set to fight again at Rizin 2 in Japan this September.

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