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Earlier this week, I told you guys about my bicep injury and subsequent surgery. This post will serve as my first update on how the recovery process is going.

As of right now, it’s not so bad, because I’ve figured out how to get into a moderately comfortable position to sleep and how to live without any pain medication — I’ll get into that a little later. The first few days were the worst, in terms of trying to get some sleep. I had restless nights, tossing and turning, waking up every hour to hour and a half, and just trying to readjust my body.

In my infinite wisdom, I decided to fly back home the day after the surgery for five hours from Las Vegas to New York. I was in a brace inside a sling, but I was lucky in that the flight attendant left the seat next to me open so that I could kind of spread myself out a little bit in an attempt to get comfortable. I managed to fall asleep for a bit, at least until the joys of extreme turbulence hit, and from there, it was basically the worst plane ride ever.

Now, onto the pain meds. They did prescribe some for me, but they were making me nauseous, and for the first couple days, I was feeling really light-headed, my stomach was turning and I constantly felt like I was going to throw up. Time to call the doctor.

I called my doctor, and he had me stop taking those, but I had to wait a full eight to 12 hours before I could start the new ones. These were called Tramadol, and guess what? I ended up having a reaction to those, too. My skin was literally crawling. Everything was itching. I damned near ripped my face off and had to restrain myself from taking the skin off it.

And my back … oh man, you can only imagine how that went, trying to scratch my back with one arm. I was scraping my back against the walls, the corners of the walls, doors, anywhere I could get some friction going to scratch my back and shoulder. I’ve got no shame about asking my teammates or friends to scratch my back either. There’s no shame in my game at all. I’m like, “Listen, I can’t get to this spot. You’ve got to help me! I need you! I need you! Help!”

I had to call the doctor again to let him know what was going on, and now I’m going to see another orthopedist, but I’ve pretty much resigned myself to toughing this out on my own. There’s not much relief when you have reaction symptoms that are just as bad as whatever pain I’m experiencing at the time.

I’m just riding it out right now, and while it kind of sucks, it’s not too terribly bad. It’s actually gotten better with each passing day, and I think the nurse might've accidentally put my arm at 105 degrees. Doc said 90 degrees for 2 weeks, but my arm seems to have its own M.D. in human anatomy. Don't worry, if it was hurting I would've moved it to 90 degrees the same day I left the office.

I’m not eating like a slob, so I haven’t gained too much weight in this down time. I’m floating right around 157 pounds. I was looking at myself, and my abs are still there, but they definitely have a little bit more flab over them than normal. I’m not in “Dad bod” territory, so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I’ve also decided to grow a sobriety beard. I told myself that I would give up alcohol in the interest of the recovery of my arm. They say that alcohol consumption impedes your body’s ability to heal, and I want to make sure I give myself every advantage possible. I still have that MSG card in the back of my mind, so I’m trying to do all the right things.


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