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A great ring entrance can turn a professional wrestler into a star. It's happened time and time again. The combination of music, lights, fireworks, smoke -- and a wrestler's charisma can create something special for the fans.

And no one does ring entrances better than the WWE. It prides itself on being unique and theatrical to let the fans and Hollywood know that they do entertainment as well as anyone on the planet.

Right now, thanks to the WWE's NXT brand, we are bathing in some of the greatest ring entrances the sport has ever seen. But the WWE has always shined at the introduction. Let's take a look at some of the most theatrical ring entrances in the business, past and present.

The Vaudevillains

A throwback to old-time wrestlers, their entrance reminds us of a silent movie. This entrance makes these guys feel original and special, and although they have not taken the WWE by storm yet, it's coming and what's old will be new again.

D-Generation X

Let's go back to the Attitude Era and the ring entrance that possibly saved the WWE. Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Chyna raised the stakes and slam dunked it with this entrance, with unbelievable music, and clever quick edits, spliced with B-roll and their crotch-chopping theatrics. This was a music video that fired up teenage boys and enraged thirtysomething mom. And it was industry changing.


This is just spooky. It's something out of your nightmares. Imagined being stalked by a crow in a black and white landscape where the trees are barren and the sky is black. That's how you felt when Sting made his entrance in the WWE. Sting made one of the greatest gimmick transformations ever -- going from the surfer kid to the dark knight. Watch this and try not to get freaked out.

Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakumura is undoubtedly headed for a WWE Championship reign. He's charismatic, an amazing wrestler, and has one of the most chilling ring entrances in the business. When his name appears in red letters on the screen, it's like blood is splattered across the wall. The song sounds like someone is about to meet their demise. Nakumura is coming and he's coming for you.

Finn Balor

The king of NXT is also the king of ring entrances. This feels like it belongs in a Stanley Kubric film. It's bizarre, yet intriguing. Balor plays the role fully here, with horrific face paint, costume and long hair. It's his demon alter ego and it's chilling to the core. This isn't a professional wrestler entering the ring; it's a monster. The monster of all ring entrances.


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