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The WWE Draft is fast approaching and honestly I’m a bit nervous. I'm all for the brand split and the draft it’s a great way to maximize talent and give WWE talent a chance to showcase their abilities on a unique brand. However, there are a few things that WWE must avoid in order to insure the success of both the brand split and entire draft process…

Don’t Make this About the GM’s

Things have already gotten off on the wrong foot. The McMahon family drama has been a big part of TV since before Wrestlemania. After Shane lost to Undertaker we got a heavy dose of Shane vs. Stephanie (this made the Mania stipulation meaningless). While it was entertaining for a while-it has officially run its course. On July 18th episode of Raw both Stephanie and Shane will name a “General Manager” to help them run their respective shows, Shane with Smackdown and Stephanie with Raw. No matter who they name as GM those on screen personalities must overshadow the in ring talent. A GM should serve as a jolt of entertainment not the main course John Laurinaitis, Paul Heyman, and Eric Bishoff were three excellent GMs with Bischoff being the best of the bunch. The McMahons tend to overshadow hopefully that doesn’t happen this time around. Use storylines and the wrestlers.

Utilize Young Talent

Distribute evenly, spread guys like Seth Rolins, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Finn Bailor out across both shows. Mix in veterans like John Cena, Randy Orton, AJ Styles, and Chris Jericho to create a balance. There are other names left off here, but there is a lot more talent that would benefit from working with bigger stars.. Chris Jericho has done this throughout the latter part of his career. If a guy like Goldberg should return or Kurt Angle they should be used in the same manor. Not as jobbers, but as talent elevators and written correctly they’ll still be looked at as dominant legends. This will undoubtedly boost the credibility of the New Era and create new stars.

Avoid Drafting Busts

This isn’t the NFL, NBA MLB NHL etc… There is a team that predetermines who goes where, get it right. Over the years there have been some really bad picks. One major example happened in 2002 with the inauguration of the draft. Then WWF Raw GM Ric Flair drafted the entire NWO to Raw after making a great first overall pick in the Undertaker. Why was this a screw up? Well Scott Hall got the boot in less than three months and Kevin Nash got hurt, plus he moved slower than molasses in the snow. Talk about a bust. Don’t “draft” superstars in the Top 10 that aren’t ready to be used as big time players in and week out. Which leads me to my next topic…

Don’t Build Around Brock Lesner

Brock Lesner is a monster and he’s a top draw for both UFC and WWE, but he’s not a franchise player. Brock Lesner is the Bo Jackson of the WWE he’s a man of many talents but, he’s being spread thin and UFC is his baseball, or is it WWE? I don’t know, anywho he’s not a draw for weekly television because he isn’t on T.V. weekly. He only competes on special occasions with his limited schedule due to his “Legends Contract.” No matter how much they try to shove Brock being a big time player, he isn’t. He’s a part time player and should be used as such. Here’s how…

At the start of the draft have Paul Heyman declare Brock Lesner a “free agent.” By doing this it eliminates any possibility of him being considered a Top 5 pick. The story line will be that Brock will fight for the GM who pays him plain and simple. Or he can be an assassin for higher maybe a rival GM can pay him to “take out” a top star. Speaking of GM’s

Do Not Separate Stables/Tag Teams

Breaking up tag teams and stables should not be part of the brand split. I know it may be tempting especially with Enzo and Cass or to breakup the stale Social Outcasts. Stop it! Don’t be lazy. The tag team division is still growing and stables are hitting their stride. If you want to break up a stake group like Social Outcasts do it a smart way make them relevant and use them to elevate someone within the group (Bo Dallas). Make the Tag Team Titles brand exclusive and go from there. No need to break up something that has so much potential. Speaking of….

Use the Women Superstars Correctly

Don’t split up the women use them. There is entirely too much talented going by the wayside. Writers can’t seem to create a storyline that doesn’t revolve around the WWE Women’s Championship. The Natalya and Becky Lynch storyline is a rare occurrence and even then it’s not that interesting. Talent like Paige, Naomi (injured), Emma (injured), Alicia Fox, Lana, Eva Marie (NXT) need to be used more upon the brand split especially with some new call-ups from NXT. There is too much airtime being wasted by replays and filler matches that could go to these women. Keep the women together on one show and make them brand exclusive. The divas revolution ended rather quickly its time to push the women’s division.


Do You Think This Will Make the Draft and Brand-Split a Hit?


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