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Batman v. Superman didn't do so hot at the box office, and a ton of people are still pretty mad about it. Some might even want to go the whole Incredible Hulk route and redo the whole thing without recognizing the first movie ever happening.

So let's have some fun and try to reimagine the movie cast with some unexpected actors: MMA personalities.

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1) Luke Rockhold as Batman

It's pretty clear that Batman has to be played by a handsome dude. So who better than one of the notoriously best-looking fighters in the UFC? Yup, Luke Rockhold is your Bruce Wayne because the guy has the face and athletic skills to pull it off.

2) Gegard Mousasi as Superman

I know what you're thinking: why the hell would you pose Gegard Mousasi as Superman? Yeah, the guy has an accent and won't fool anyone as a dude who grew up in Kansas, but hear me out. Gegard shows up to fight like he just rolled out of bed with his hair messed up and no evidence of shaving his face for days. But as Superman, Gegard will be forced to do these things. Imagine, Mousasi with his hair combed. I mean, who wouldn't want to see that?!

3) Gina Carano as Wonder Woman

While the rest of this list is for fun, Carano is who I genuinely thought they should've cast for the role of Wonder Woman instead of Gal Gadot. After watching the film, I realized Gadot was actually one of the better performances, so I've changed my stance on the whole thing. But still, for the sake of MMA people getting in this mash-up, the former Strikeforce champion gets the nod. Couldn't be any worse than her performance in Deadpool, right? Kidding.

4) Bigfoot Silva as Doomsday

Bigfoot Silva hasn't had much success in the Octagon lately, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't wreck it as a monster capable of killing Superman. Bigfoot would be perfect for this role because it's an easy payday to show up, smash things and yell at the top of his Kryptonian lungs, maybe even in Portuguese. Boa!

5) Michael Bisping as Alfred

Michael Bisping obviously has the perfect voice to play Bruce Wayne's trusted butler. Of course, he's not as old as Alfred, but I'm sure the studio can sit the UFC middleweight champ in a makeup chair for three hours or so to throw a few years on his face. Besides, Michael already has some acting under his belt with his role in the new xXx movie coming out.

6) Dana White as Lex Luthor

The most obvious pick of the bunch, Dana White is the perfect person to play Lex Luthor. The rich, powerful head of a global organization who is fixated on worldwide domination, there is no better choice than Dana. Also, how fun would it be to see D.W. with a red wig for a couple hours before revealing the natural bald head everyone expected to see? Done deal.


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