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Mark Coleman made history last weekend when he became the next fighter to be honored in two separate wings of the UFC Hall of Fame.

He could have used that time in the spotlight to enjoy his fame, and no one would have blamed him, but he chose to use it as a platform for a former teammate.

"One of my best friends, my teammate, my training partner, Kevin ‘The Monster' Randleman, he's not with us, but he deserves to be up here right now instead of me," Coleman said at the Hall of Fame Ceremony. "So get him in here, UFC. Get him in the Hall of Fame, man."

Coleman, who was speaking through tears, has been vocal about wanting to see Randleman in the hall of fame since he passed away in February.

He and Randleman were both members of Team Hammer House, which was a dominant team in the early days of no holds barred which eventually became what we now know as mixed martial arts.

"I just push it," Coleman told MMA Fighting. "They know about Kevin Randleman and it'll happen. It has to."

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