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Josh Molina

Years ago Vince McMahon famously said in the acclaimed professional wrestling documentary "Beyond The Mat" that "we make movies."

At the time he was referring to the elaborate characters, sensational ring entrances and complex story lines. Well now the WWE is back to making movies, and not in the allegorical sense. The WWE literally created a cinematic feast for wrestling fans on Monday Night Raw, the latest turn in the now interesting feud between The Wyatt Family and The New Day.

Supposedly, The New Day visited The Wyatt Family at their "compound," yes, think cult leaders here. The New Day, three guys who are typically cheery and positive, decided to go to the undisclosed location to settle a score. Only Xavier Woods showed any common sense, fearing that the trek might result in something terrible.

What it resulted in was a breakthrough moment for the WWE. This was not a hardcore match like we say in the 1990s or a backlot brawl between Roddy Piper and Goldust. This was pure music video/short movie. The WWE dropped any pretense that this was a real fight, but instead went all Blair Witch Project on us, with quick cuts, dramatic special effects and mood lighting. This was scary.

There was no blood, but the Wyatts were the aggressors, carrying weapons, stalking their prey like crazed killers in the forests. We got a heavy dose of shots of just Braun Strowman's feet, knowing he was heading for someone, but not who. Xavier Woods hit behind a tree and barely dodged what looked like an ax swinging toward him. We also got a few Ron Simmons power slams and good old-fashioned punches, but overall this was a scene out of your nightmares.

The WWE may be looking to further turn The Wyatt Family into an purely evil cast of characters. This was an experiment and it paid off, even if it was a little weird. And let's hope we don't see too much more of it.


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