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When "Smile'n" Sam Alvey shines those pearly whites in a schoolboy photo-esk grin, he's not portraying a character or furthering a gimmick, he's letting us in on who he really is, a nice guy.

I had the opportunity to have a chat with the UFC Middleweight directly after my interview with Dan Henderson (which can be seen here) and man oh man, they could not have been more polar opposites! While Hendo was soft-spoken and kept things close to the chest, Sam Alvey stormed right over and put his hand out as if to offer me a job, "Sam Alvey, pleasure to meet ya!"

We talked everything from Game Of Thrones to Super Smash Bros. to why UFC matchmaker Joe Silva is God!

I feel he would have told me his social if I had asked, he's just that kind of guy. The "ginger giant" (his words) was a blast to talk to, an easy day at the office for ole Dave, so if you're not familiar with Alvey, give this a watch and see if you don't walk away a fan.

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