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Brock Lesnar is 39 years old. And just three days ago he was teaching Mark Hunt to respect professional wrestlers. Lesnar made a successful return to the UFC and can now relish in his victory -- at least until he steps back into the ring in the WWE against Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

There are probably a lot more Brock Lesnar fans these days than there were a week ago, considering that he walked into the Octagon after five years and shredded at Top 10 contender. So for those who are just hopping on the Brock bandwagon, let's reintroduce you to the Beast Incarnate, in the form of a few video clips, as we we journey to Suplex City, courtesy

We were all surprised when Lesnar made his return to the WWE in 2012, challenging John Cena:

Watch Brock Lesnar end The Undertaker's 21-0 streak at WrestleMania.

Duh, we should have known. If he could beat The Phenom, clearly he would have trampled Hunt.

Here's Brock wrestling Seth Rollins on WWE Monday Night Raw. Rollins may be the best wrestler in the world and he and Lesnar put on quite the show.

Paul Heyman's facials were incredible here.

In this clip, Lesnar wins The Royal Rumble:

Finally, here's Lesnar destroying Rollins' security team of J&J Security, worse than Mark Hunt's face at UFC 200.

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