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If you have ever tried to pick up an slick ice cube from the floor, you probably know how Frankie Edgar felt Saturday night in Las Vegas at UFC 200: Edgar just couldn't get his hands on Jose Aldo.

The longtime UFC featherweight champion defeated Edgar by unanimous decision. Aldo, who is coming off a 14-second loss to the flamboyant Conor McGregor, was just too slippery for Edgar. Aldo was faster, anticipated Edgar's punches and landed more shots.

The judges scored the fight 49-46 49-46 and 48-47.

When the fight was over, Aldo had a mouse under his left yet, but Edgar's face was a bloody mess. He suffered a cut under his right eye and swelling under the left.

Aldo was elated with the victory, first thanking his coach, Andre Pederneiras.

"I am very happy. I love my coaches," Aldo said. "This is not for me. This is for him Pederneiras).

Aldo then said he is ready for revenge.

"Frank is a great athlete," Aldo said. "I respect him but I have one goal and that's to beat this guy," Aldo said of Conor McGregor, who was sitting at cageside.

Edgar began the fight throwing leg kicks, but the didn't do any damage. The fight was mostly a boxing match, with Edgar pushing the action and and Aldo looking to counterpunch. Aldo was one, sometimes two, steps ahead. He landed right hands at will and easily brushed off Edgar's takedown attempts.

Edgar occasionally landed a punch to Aldo's jaw, but they didn't seem to do any damage. Aldo knocked Edgar down in Round 1 with a big knew to the stomach, followed by a left hand.

As the fight went on, Aldo seemed to grow with confidence, repeatedly peppering him with with combinations. At the end of the third round, Aldo landed his first hard leg kick, a wicked blow that highlighted the round. Rounds 4 and 5 were much of the same, with Edgar coming forward, but unable to do anything but eat punches.

For Edgar, there was one highlight for the veteran fighter: In Round 5 he became the first fighter in UFC history to log six hours of Octagon time. He'll have to settle for that personal record. The next title shot against champ McGregor, is probably Aldo's.

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