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It lasted longer than 13 seconds, but for Cat Zingano the results of her past two fights have been the same. Disappointment.

The once-promising rising women's star fizzled Saturday night at UFC 200. She was dominated by Julianna Pena, in lackluster fight that took place mostly on the ground. All three judges scored the fight 29-28 for Pena.

Zingano was coming off a 13-second loss to Ronda Rousey more than a year ago. Although she lasted longer in this fight, she never mounted much of a threat to Pena. Zingano did her best in the first round, when she took Pena down and held there, not really doing a lot of damage. Pena eventually, however, fought her way back up.

Pena adjusted in Round 2 reversing a Zingano takedown. Zingano didn't seem to have much of a plan other than to hold Pena down and neutralize her striking.

By the third round, it was Pena who got the takedown drilled Zingano with some vicious elbows before nearly choking out Zingano with a rear naked choke. Zingano looked close to tapping, but slipped out.

The fight ended with Pena on top with side control, gripping Zingano like a octopus.

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