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Last week we talked to Chad George about his EBI 7 opponents and the difference between preparing for an MMA fight versus a jiu jitsu competition.

This week George was on the road traveling with Pedro Munoz to his UFC Fight Night bout, but made sure to continue his training on the road. One thing that all working fighters understand is that sometimes you are training for your own fight, but need to be available for someone else. As fighters, both MMA and jiu jitsu they must learn to balance their needs with others.

George is the master at this.

George visited 10th Planet Las Vegas and Cobrinha and rolled with new opponents in hopes of testing himself with guys he isn't used to training with.

He was able to roll with quite a few athletes who are in tune with the EBI organization and felt that was especially helpful.

"It was great to train with different guys," said George. "It really gave me good insight on where my game is at."

George returns home to LA this weekend to begin the weight cut process.

But more on that next week... will be following George for the next three weeks, leading up to his July 16 match at EBI 7. Next week we will break down his weight cut process and preparing for EBI.

(Photos via Chad George)


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