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The Iceman may have been a bit too cold towards Brock Lesnar during this exchange.

Chuck Liddell talked with Hollywood Life and gave his take on the highly anticipated return of Brock Lesnar at UFC 200. While many UFC fans have been excited about the former champion stepping back into the Octagon, Liddell is a bit more skeptical about how Lesnar will perform.

“He was a good college wrestler, but he is afraid to get hit,” Liddell said. “That makes things dangerous — when you have a guy that can punch, and if he can stop Brock’s takedowns a little bit, then [Brock] is in a lot of trouble.

While the Iceman did agree that Brock does not have any quit in him, he does not think it will be enough while facing the heavy-handed Mark Hunt.

"I mean, he is tough and has heart because he will still fight and still keep coming and I will give him that. He has heart and he fights hard, but he is very afraid of the punch. So you just have to start punching him.”

While Lesnar has continually professed his confidence in his return, many MMA fans may be in agreement with Liddell. Hunt has been chosen by over 2 out of every 3 people on's fantasy picks for UFC 200. Many experts believe that the five year layoff as well as Hunt's incredible knockout power are a dangerous combination for Lesnar.

Despite former fighters, fans and analysts speaking out against him, Brock has not waivered and continues to prepare for UFC 200.

“Life is all about timing and the timing for me on this just feels right,” he told Paul Heyman, his manager. “I feel great. I’m just ready to do this.” He added, “My head is in the game on this.”

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