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As excited as we all were to watch Daniel Cormier fight Jon Jones, we have to remember one thing: The last fight between these two was not very competitive. Jones defeated Cormier by a unanimous decision.

The great wrestler Cormier wasn't even able to take Jones down. There was little reason, other than hoping Jones would just magically crumble, to believe that the second fight would be any different.

Although Cormier is going to lose some money, Jones's drug violation may actually have been a good thing for Cormier. Besides, he goes from fighting one guy commonly referred to as "the greatest mixed martial artist of all time," to fighting another guy often called "the greatest mixed martial artist of all time." Not a bad deal.

And Silva will spark PPV buys. In the end, this won't be quite the loss originally believed. So let's get excited about Cormier fighting a guy who just had his gall bladder out a couple months ago. A guy who was defeated in his most recent fight. A guy who too was suspended for failing a a USADA drug test.

That guy also happens to be at least the greatest middleweight of all time. So why should we be thrilled? Dry your tears. Here's why it's time to get pumped:

Cormier vs. Silva is a more competitive fight. Cormier has the clear advantage here. He's bigger, stronger and recently more active. And if Silva cannot handle Chris Weidman's pillow fists, he will have trouble with Cormier. But Silva is still one of the best. A master striker with his legs and feet, a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, and the heart of a champion. Silva will walk into the cage close to 200 pounds and he's going to feel fresh from not having to cut a ton of weight. How will Cormier handle Silva's kicks, or his ground game? There's way more intrigue to this fight.

Silva is also the kind of fighter who rises to the occasion. He defended his middleweight championship 10 times and dominated the sport's best fighters. His fall was fast, getting knocked out by Chris Weidman while clowning around, then breaking his leg in the rematch. Silva then lost a controversial decision to Michael Bisping, only after nearly knocking him out with a flying knee. Silva has it in him to leave it all inside the cage and fight to establish himself as the greatest of all time. A karate-style knockout of Cormier would launch UFC 200 into its own wing of historical fight lore.

Cormier is also now ripe for an upset. He barely made weight on Friday. His mind will probably still be consumed by Jon Jones. Silva has an opportunity here to pull off one of the greatest UFC victories of all time. The intrigue around this fight is unreal.

Now Cormier also has some potential storybook moments here. Even though Silva is past his prime, he's still a great fighter. Silva's losses to Weidman to many are considered flukes. Can Cormier be the one guy who finally, convincingly KOs or submits Silva. He has an opportunity here to go down as the guy who retired the greatest of all time.

This fight will also have a lot of positive energy surrounding it. Jones and Cormier absolutely did not like each other. Jones made many disparaging remarks about Cormier. The bad feelings were strong between these two. The crowd would have probably been for Cormier, but some would have cheered for Jones too. Jones probably would have laughed at Cormier after defeating him.

Now, however, we have two likable fighters, two people that the fans will want to cheer for. Neither fighter typically disrespects their opponents. With Cormier vs. Silva, we will see a spotlight on the sport, not personalities.

The only thing that would make this fight better would be if it were for the UFC light heavyweight championship. Imagine, the great Anderson Silva, returns to the cage to win the light heavyweight championship? Cormier would have other plans, of course.

At UFC 200 Cormier vs. Silva is an absolute DREAM FIGHT. And a way better matchup then the previous main event.

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