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Chael Sonnen is at it again. Talking before he thinks, writing checks his backside can't cash.

Now that Jones is out of UFC 200 for failing a U.S. Anti-Doping Policy drug test leading up to his title fight with Daniel Cormier, Sonnen is piling on the derailed superstar, asking, of course, "what took them so long?"

The master of hyperbole called Jones vs. Cormier II "The biggest fight in the history of the business."

We don't know yet what Jones tested positive for, but he dis experience a recent significant look in his physical appearance, showing more muscle than the tall, lean fighter usually displays.

Sonnen said on ESPN that he could tell right away that Jones was on something because "we know our own."

"I can just tell you guys, I've been in his shoes. As a guy that lived in that world and took the banned substances and served the suspension, if there's one thing about us, we know our own. When a guy takes his shirt off I can tell you what he's on and how long he's been doing it and my first reaction was simply, what took them so long?"

Sonnen has been an advocate for testosterone-replacement therapy and is currently serving a suspension for failing a USADA test.

Sonnen said he is not surprised about the failed drug test considering Jones' past. Jones last year failed an out-of-competition drug test for using cocaine.

"If a guy takes cocaine, a substance that could kill him, a reasonable person will assume he is going to take a substance that is going to help him," Sonnen said.

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