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Joanna Jędrzejczyk has a lot to focus on in the coming days. She has her highly anticipated rematch against Claudia Gadelha, her toughest opponent to date, during the TUF 23 finale card on July 8. However, Jędrzejczyk may have her sights on something far bigger after the fight is finished.

JJ commented during a media call with the TUF coaches on Wednesday that she is interested in defending her belt at 115 and then winning the belt at 125.

"I think it's going to be the last fight between me and Claudia Gadelha, because I have plans to move to a different weight class, to 125 if there would be an option to fight for a title next there," Jędrzejczyk said.

The only problem is that the flyweight division doesn't exist yet.

The UFC has commented in the past that the next division they plan to add to the promotion is the women's flyweight, but that has not taken place just yet. However, one positive step in that direction was last month's catchweight bout between Joanna Calderwood and Valérie Létourneau at 125.

"It was a good fight between Valerie and JoJo, the first catchweight at 125, but I think we need that division," JJ said. "So many girls from bantamweight can go down, so many girls from strawweight division can go up. So we should make that division the next division."

Though the fight was successful, the UFC may not be eager to create the division just yet. Both the women's bantamweight and strawweight divisions are amongst the smallest in the UFC and the creation of a flyweight division would just make all three of them even smaller.

However, if you have a current champion calling for a new division, the UFC may just have to ask. Jędrzejczyk would be amongst the fighters who would benefit most from the new division considering she spent her career prior to the UFC at 125. She even wasn't sure if she could cut to 115, let alone be the champion of the division.

If more women begin to get involved in MMA at a professional level, then we may finally see the 11th division created in the UFC and JJ would get her chance at the flyweight belt. This would make her only the third fighter to hold belts in two separate divisions and would make her the first person to ever hold two belts simultaneously. With her skill set, there is nothing stopping her from accomplishing that feat except the creation of the division. The don't call her JJ Champion for nothing.


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