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Three days before UFC 200 and the main event fight has just been scrapped!

People say no news is good news and sadly it is not the case this time around. According to MMM Junkie, Interim Champion Jon "Bones" Jones has been notified for potentially violating anti-doping regulations.

Dana White has not disclosed what substance has caused the violation but has pulled the fight against Daniel Cormier from the card.

Jones has been a magnet to controversy between a previous DWI in 2012 and being stripped of the title last year after a hit-and-run accident. He also has been to rehab for using drugs (cocaine). Fingers crossed it's not a repeat offense, otherwise we could see Jones getting suspended for an even longer period of time.

The co-main event between Mark Hunt and Brock Lesnar is not slated to be the new main event of the night.


Did this just ruin UFC 200?


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