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Recently, some reports came out suggesting that a verbal agreement had been reached between Dan Henderson and myself to be my next fight. These “anonymous sources” always make big claims, but never wait long enough for a response before they run off to publish a splashy headline.

Guess what? You got it wrong. Again.

Of course there’s certain media outlets that do this more than others, and I understand why. Clicks. Here’s the thing, though: There is no verbal agreement in place. I haven’t even been approached by the UFC about Dan Henderson. Where these people are getting their information from really leaves a lot to the imagination.

As I said above, the UFC has not approached me with that fight, but if they did come to me with it, yeah. Listen, Dan Henderson got a beautiful knockout in 2009. Credit goes where it’s due. However, if he wants to have that undone, if he wants to get knocked out, if he wants his biggest achievement to be undone, and if he wants the last word to be me smashing his face into retirement, then of course, I’m happy to oblige him.

I would love to get revenge on that cheating scumbag. If he’s man enough to do it, if he doesn’t want to retire into obscurity, which is what I suggest he should do, I’m all for pounding his face in. Please, be my guest. This is my house now.

Everyone has been lining the streets to get a fight with me, long before I won the belt. Why should that change now? Even Georges St-Pierre wants a crack at me, and that came straight from his camp. That’s a huge fight and would be a huge payday. That’s an entertaining fight I would take in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t even have to think about it.

If GSP wanted to do it and the UFC wanted to do it, then of course we would. As the champion, and him having left on the heels of defending his belt, there would be a lot of money on the table there.

From a fighter’s standpoint, I respect Georges. He’s an amazing athlete and a true professional. He’s had a phenomenal career and is the kind of fighter who other guys should model themselves after. He’s very well-rounded, he looks after himself in the off season, never gets out of shape, and he carries himself in a manner befitting the champion-caliber man that he is.

Being all those good things as a fighter is great. Is he a boring bastard? Yes, he’s still a boring bastard. If he wants to come out of retirement after three years, and pick what he thinks is an “easy fight” with me, I’ll be happy send him right back into retirement.

The guy has obviously been hit to the head one too many times, so I suggest he stick to his dinosaur programs. The guy is crazy, running around saying he’s been abducted by aliens and whatnot. He didn’t want to face Anderson Silva because he thought he was too big, but he’s going to come out of retirement to face me? GSP, my friend, stay up there in Canada, keep doing your dinosaur shows and whatever the hell it is you’ve done for the last three years because, trust me, you don’t really want to fight me.

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