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I grew up in Las Vegas so I have learned to love watching people fight and talking about it.
Jack Sullivan

In case you haven't heard, there is an event this weekend called UFC 200 that may have some interesting fights. There will be three title fights and even the return of Brock Lesnar to draw in a crowd. One of these championship fights will be between Miesha Tate and Amanda Nunes for the bantamweight title.

The trash talk between these two has been more muted than some of the other fights on the main card — I'm talking to you Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier — but that does not make these women any less confident that they will win this fight.

Tate sat down with Champions to talk about some of the Lioness' weaknesses that will give her the advantage come July 9.

"I think that wrestling is a big weakness of hers," Tate said. "I know that she has a little bit of judo, but she has never faced anyone like me."

Tate is known for her strong grappling game and has used her background in wrestling throughout her career as an MMA fighter. She is among the best — if not the best — wrestler in the bantamweight division. However, she will not solely rely on her ability to grapple to beat Nunes.

"I wouldn't put it past me to stand and bang with Amanda," she said. "I have been getting much more confident on my feet and I don't feel like I need to take this fight to the ground. My goal in this fight is to break her. That's it, no matter how."

Her physical prowess is not the only advantage that Tate believes she has over Nunes either. Having been a veteran of the sport for so long, Tate thinks that she has the superior mentality coming into this fight.

"I also think that her mentality, her mental [state] is a weakness. ... I don't think she likes to get hit," Tate said. "I think she thinks she likes to get hit but I don't think that she does. And I think she likes to be deliberate. When she is winning, it's great, but when she's not and she is put in that spot of adversity, she tends breaks. I don't even know if it is so much a question of cardio as it is 'How bad does she really want it.'"

Tate's confidence is not unfounded. She has fought arguably the best grappler in the division, Ronda Rousey, twice and arguably the best striker in the division, Holly Holm, to win the belt. Nunes will have to overcome these perceived disadvantages and really have a solid fight in order to defeat the newly crowned champion.


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