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Amy Kaplan

Don't worry folks... Detective Kaplan is on the case!

So it looks like Miesha Tate and Brock Lesnar ran into each other at some point today as Tate has posted a photo of the two together. What we don't know is what is under the tape on Lesnar's right shoulder.

I think there are two logical explanations, but I can't decide which is the truth. (I'm a really good detective I promise!).

Theory One

It appears as though the pair are at an official UFC function as you can see a poster in the background, and it is fight week and he was signing posters in the same shirt just a few hours ago.

So perhaps Lesnar wore an off brand shirt and the UFC covered the logo to please their contracts with Reebok?

I've seen that happen at post fight pressers and media calls before, makes sense.

Theory Two

Perhaps Lesnar is wearing a Reebok shirt and he doesn't want to promote the controversial brand?

I have seen a few fans and critics tweet this theory, so I could see this as plausible as well.

Theory Three

We could all be wrong and Jeremy Botter could be right.

What do you guys think?


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