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Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir has asked to be released from his UFC contract according to an interview he did with The MMA Hour.

"Right now maybe it's possible to be released from the UFC so I can go off and pursue my careers in other avenues." he said.

Mir was flagged for a potential USADA violation back in April and has denied any wrong doing. He is unable to fight again until April 2018 and believes his career would be over by then.

“It started looking to be very expensive to fight, and if the end of it was, I’m still suspended, and I’m not allowed to fight or broadcast, I’m going to have to think about my savings as something I have to sit back on," he said.

He says that in addition to the suspension from fighting he was also told he was not allowed to do any broadcasting.

"I have children. I made a calculated decision to forego trying to battle it anymore," he said. "Fighting and no work whatsoever even for a year, let alone two years, it’s not feasible. Hopefully the UFC then just would release me so I can go off and follow broadcasting and different avenues.”

Mir fought Mark Hunt last, where he lost via TKO in round one.

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