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It looks like Reebok is stepping up it's game following a recent wardrobe malfunction involving Valerie Letourneau.

According to a tweet from Ariel Helwani, the UFC fighter visited Reebok headquarters in Boston to speak to the company about her recent experiences.

Letourneau claims that her sports bra was ill fitting, causing her breasts to fall out and distract her during her recent bout.

She also posted words of praise for Reebok a few days after the meeting on her Instagram.

According to Google Translate, a rough translation of her post is this:

"I was actually invited to meet the Reebok team this week about our combat clothing . I can tell you they work to make the best clothes for the athletes of the UFC and that would be to the advantage of each fighters to give them advice on what they like or not. They did a nice job at the Crossfit and I am confident that with time they will have more appropriate clothing for fighters. One advance is nothing to say that Reebok is the shit ! As with anything in life, you have to be constructive , learn from our mistake and give time . Certainly if athletes do not talk about it does nothing to advance!"

Urijah Faber also had a recent incident with his Reebok gear. Faber shorts were too big and exposed his bottom during his fight at UFC 199 last month.

These are just two issues in a long line of complaints since the athletic apparel company became the official outfit provider for the UFC in 2015.

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