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Let me start by saying.....Going to the Golden State Warriors was the smartest basketball move Kevin could have made. Durant always said he was going to make a basketball move and that is exactly what he did. The starting lineup for Warriors on paper immediately becomes the best in the NBA. He joined a team that won a NBA record 73 games last year and was also 1 home game from their second straight championship.

Great Basketball Move KD!!!

However, Kevin is the highest profile player since Lebron to leave a playoff caliber team to go to another team. Not to mention he left the team without bringing the city a championship which is the situation Kevin finds himself in right now. Also, Kevin was critical of Lebron going to Miami.

Some basketball fans may call this hypocritical and that Kevin is doing the same thing. Which I would have to disagree with. It's because LeBron will jump from team to team to win championships that Durant had to do this while he was in his prime. Kevin would likely already have a Ship if he did not have to face LeBron and the Heat a few years ago in the finals.

A smart decision if you ask me. A decision that he should not be hated for the way LeBron was. LeBron villainfied himself.

People did not hate and make Lebron into a villain for leaving Cleveland to play with 2 of the top 10 players in the NBA. This is why they started hating on him....

The Decision


LeBron told the world that he was bigger than life that he was bigger than his fans in Cleveland by rubbing it in there face. Even if you were not a Cavs fan it was hard to like LeBron after those famous words....I'm taking my talents to South Beach.

Kevin Durant quietly told the world via blog.

Kevin's Next Chapter

Kevin is not a villain folks. He is doing this the right way and because of the respect he is showing the Thunder fans and organization.

Thunder Chairman Clayton I. Bennett:
“Kevin's contributions to our organization during his nine years were profound, on and off the court. He helped the Thunder grow and succeed in immeasurable ways and impacted the community just the same. We thank him for his leadership, his play, and how he represented Oklahoma City and the entire state of Oklahoma.”
Thunder Executive Vice President and General Manager Sam Presti:
“Kevin made an indelible mark on the Thunder organization and the state of Oklahoma as a founding father of this franchise. We can't adequately articulate what he meant to the foundation of this franchise and our success. While clearly disappointing that he has chosen to move on, the core values that he helped establish only lead to us thanking him for the many tangible and intangible ways that he helped our program.”

These were not the reactions that LeBron received when he went to Miami.

And we know how the Cavs fans reacted to LeBron leaving.

Durant will not face this type of criticism from fans and nor the owner. However, the pressure is on for him to win a championship this coming up season. It's championship or bust and I think even Durant would agree with that. And as long as Durant does make any predictions about how many championships he is going to win with his new team he will be fine.


And then leave.....6 short. But this season you have to win it Durant. They could make it to game 7 in the finals without him. So you have to win it all or it will be a disappointment.

Championship or Bust!!!

But those are my thoughts. How do you feel about Kevin Durant going to Golden State?



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