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Jon Jones might be a Conor McGregor fan, but he has his limits.

Jones, the former UFC light heavyweight champion who will challenge Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, said he doesn't believe that McGregor deserves equity in the company if the UFC chooses to sell.

"The UFC has created Conor McGregor," Jones said recently on an episode of Fox Sports Live. "I think sometimes he forgets that."

McGregor emerged in the last year as the sport's biggest star, talking his way to the top of the mountain, and attracting big PPV numbers. McGregor, the best trash talker in the business since Chael Sonnen in the build-up to the first Anderson Silva fight, has not lost much marketing steam since he was tapped out by Nate Diaz earlier in the year.

Since that defeat, McGregor has challenged Floyd Mayweather Jr., and signed for a rematch with Diaz at UFC 203. McGregor now believes that he is responsible for much of the interest in the UFC and should be compensated for it.

"He is a magnificent talent and we're all glad to have him as a part of the sport," Jones added. "He's bringing a lot of attention, and just so much more recognition. And at the end of the day, when he wins, we all win. So, I'm grateful for him."

Although several news outlets have reported that the UFC has been sold, the UFC has not made a formal announcement.

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