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Josh Molina

John Cena's suit game is fire.

Well when you are John Cena, pretty much anything you wear, or don't wear, you look good.

Cena was strolling through LAX when the paparazzi and TMZ snapped a few shots of him. TMZ asked him a few questions and although Cena came across as mildly annoyed, being the true pro that he is, he answered their questions and did it with class.

Cena, who will be hosting the Espys on ESPN on July 13 said he's not worried about what he will wear.

"They have professionals responsible for my well being I am sure I will be alright," Cena said, when asked if he will wear the special suit for the big show.

Hey, just about anyone can look good without a shirt and some tattoos, but can anyone look good in that purple-plaid suit? Cena can.

He's actually not the first WWE guy to wear an outlandish suit. Maybe Cena is just taking after his boss?


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