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I just got back from a victory tour in England that the UFC put together for me. It was a humbling experience, being able to see how many people were pulling for me, how they were emotionally invested, and how they shared that victory with me. Taking the belt home, after more than a decade of dedication and hard work, is an experience that can never be duplicated and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

When I got back home, I soon realized that now that I’m the champion, everyone wants to fight me. I mean everyone. They’ve always wanted to fight me and I’ve never been short of callouts. I’ve always been the guy everyone feels is the road to the belt. Now I’ve got that belt, and quite frankly, it’s ridiculous. It’s off the charts.

Of course the usual suspects are there. The most obvious ones are already lining up; Rockhold wants a rematch, Chris Weidman won’t stop going on. Weidman has actually started yapping a lot. I sort of feel sorry for the guy. He’s really started to become pretty embarrassing. He’s constantly going on about how I should fight him, or how I’m scared of him, or that I’m ducking him, which is the absolute stupidest thing ever.

He’s coming off a loss. You know, you don’t get to fight for a title when you’re coming off a loss. Yes, I know there has been the odd circumstance here and there where that’s happened, but for the most part, the rule of thumb is that a guy coming off a loss doesn’t fight for a belt. He’s just sounding so pathetic, he really is.

Here’s my message to you, Chris Weidman: Get a grip, buddy. Go out there and win a fight. Fight Rockhold, and if you can beat him, then great, we can talk. If not, well, you’re unlucky, and should get back to the drawing board.

Chris wants to sidestep Luke because he knows he won’t beat him. Rockhold beat the s—t out of him the last time and I’m assuming that he’ll do it again when and if they ever get that rematch going. He’s over there trying to sidestep Luke, yet going on about how I’m being a coward. I think he’s the one who’s being the coward by trying to avoid his original rematch.

Now, Anderson Silva has come out of the woodwork, like a dirty little cockroach. He came out and was saying that I should fight him again and this and that, how he beat me the first time. Well, anyone that knows fighting and watched that fight knows that I beat him. Why should I have to instantly redo that?

This is another case where Anderson, like the others I mentioned, needs to win a fight. I just beat you, Anderson. Go win a fight, and then we can talk.

The fact of the matter is, I’m not ducking anybody. I’ve never ducked a fight in my life, and I certainly don’t intend to start doing it now as champion, but the UFC has come to me with an opponent. I’m not at liberty to say who that is right now, and it’s not even a done deal, but there is a fight in the works.

So everybody can take an angle, and they can talk, they can try this or that, but the hard truth is this: There’s already a fight in the works and if your name isn’t the opponent in question, then you’re just wasting your time.

Until the time comes for the fight to be announced, they can beg, and cry, and tweet and throw insults. They can do whatever they want. It won’t change a thing. There’s only one person with the belt, and that is me. Until the announcement comes, you can all kiss my ass.

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