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Interim Light Heavyweight Champion and currently best pound-for-pound fighter in the world Jon Jones appeared on the UFC podcast, UFC Unfiltered, with Jim Norton and Matt Serra to talk about his upcoming historic fight with Daniel Cormier. Among topics of conversation were what it is like to train at Jackson-Winklejohn, why Jones is worried about John McCarthy being in the Octagon for his fight and what concerns him, if anything, about DC's skills.

One topic that was particularly noteworthy was Jones' discussion of whether he would move up to heavyweight. A lot of speculation has been thrown out there that if Jones beats DC, there would be nothing left for him to prove and no one left for him to fight and truly challenge him at 205 pounds. A move up in weight class could pose an interesting obstacle for Jones that would see him potentially outside of his element, but could cement his legacy as one of the best P4P fighters ever.

But Jon Jones is not interested in that.

"The way I look at it, if it's not broke, don't fix it," Jones said.

Jones admitted that he used to have concerns about how long he could remain in the light heavyweight division, but most of those concerns came from his lifestyle choices.

"I used to eat bad and party all the time and that made me think that maybe I wouldn't be able to manage being at this size, being at this weight," he admitted. "But now with my sobriety and my outlook on my career and everything, I eat healthier, naturally and I make better decisions."

He believes that since he has made those changes and now that he is older, there is no reason to be concerned about making weight.

"My weight-cut is better. I walk around with a better physique than I used to. I treat myself better and I am almost 30 years old so I'm not getting any growth spurts at this point in my life," he said.

And while many people feel as though Jones has nothing left to accomplish in the 205 division, he does not think that's the case. He feels that a run through some of the division's best after his comeback could prove to any hater that he is one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.

"I feel that I can stay at this weight class for a long time. Right now I've got Daniel, [Alexander] Gustaffson and [Anthony Johnson]," he explained. "They're the only three guys that I really have to work harder than. They are the only three guys that can stop me from being the greatest ever. So I think I am going to stay at this weight class for a long time and focus on being better than those three until some new blood comes along."

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