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Jon Jones has fought a lot of tough dudes in his career. He's clobbered Chael Sonnen, Lyoto Machida, Rashad Evans, Daniel Cormier and Glover Teixeira, just to name a few.

But none of those guys scared the former light heavyweight champion of the world. Except one: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

At a press event shot by, Jones said that Jackson is the one guy who gave him "nightmares."

"The last time I had major doubt going into a fight I'd have to say was Rampage Jackson," Jones said. " I had a lot of nightmares leading up to that fight of things not going my way."

Jones, who will fight Daniel Cormier at UFC 200, in a rematch of a fight that Jones won, said he didn't really know why Jackson intimidated him.

"Being a young black kid, Rampage is just one of those guys," Jones said. "He's the guy. He howls. That big gold chain. I kind of looked up to him and idolized him. Even though I knew I was a better martial artist, there's almost a big brother complex there in a weird way. I used to have bad dreams of things not going my way against Rampage."

How did Jones cope with his fear?

"I believe I was meant to do this, so that really helps," Jones explained.

His admiration of Rampage went so far that he recalled how he was embarrassed after his first encounter with the now-Bellator star.

When Jones made his UFC debut, he said he saw guys like Matt Serra and Matt Hughes and tried hard not to be a "groupie." But when he walked around the corner backstage and saw Jackson sitting in a chair, he couldn't contain himself.

"I was all 'Rampage'(high voice)," Jones recalled.

"He looked at me and he's like 'you're that Jones kid,'" Jones said. "I was like, I can't believe I just did that. Rampage has always been one of those guys. He is such a cool dude."

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