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Current Women's Bantamweight Champion Miesha Tate hasn't had a picture-perfect career and she's reflecting on how she was able to overcome significant losses to become the champ she is today.

"Either you have the mentality to [overcome]," she said. "Or you don't."

Tate spoke of her bout with Kaitlin Young, where she was knocked out via a headkick just 30 seconds into the fight. The bout happened almost 10 years ago, but it's still fresh on her mind.

"I know it wasn't on as big of a platform as we are fighting on now," she said. "But it was just as devastating."

She added that coming back from that was a learning experience.

This is a hot topic for Ronda Rousey critics who question her real reason for not quickly returning to competition after losing to Holly Holm last year. Many have questioned if Rousey has the capability to return after such a humiliating loss especially after she admitted to contemplating suicide as a result.

"It broke my heart honestly," she said. "But I felt like I could learn from it and get better."

Tate lost to Rousey twice before wants another shot, but the former champ seems to be occupied elsewhere. Tate will look to defend her belt for the first time against Amanda Nunes at UFC 200.

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