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With Georges St-Pierre announcing that he would like to return to the UFC, fans can barely contain their excitement about one of the best fighters in the history of the sport making a comeback.

GSP has been absent from the Octagon for nearly three years. He last fought at UFC 167 against Johnny Hendricks to defend his belt for the ninth time. In the months following the fight, he vacated his belt, tore his ACL and announced that he would be taking some time off from the sport. His absence was surprising, considering his dominance in the welterweight division and his legacy within the UFC.

However, he recently announced that he is open to the possibility of returning to the Octagon in the near future. He had a trial-run training camp to see how his body felt and he believes that he is ready to fight. GSP would be returning to the UFC at an interesting time due to the fact that most champions cannot hold onto the belt like he could when he fought. He could come back and really shake up multiple divisions, depending on what weight he wants to fight at.

Though it is just speculation of whether he will actually make his return to the Octagon, here are some fights that would be amazing to see GSP compete in.

B.J. Penn

This fight is already being called for from the Penn camp. While Penn is currently serving a six-month suspension under the new USADA rules, he wants GSP to be his first fight following the ban.

Penn tweeted out that as long as the former 170-pounder could cut down to 155 pounds, he'd want to square off with him at UFC 205. The two have previously fought twice at UFC 58 and 94, both ending in a GSP victory. Though this bout would not determine who wins the trilogy, it would give Penn the chance at redemption for those two losses and the drug ban. This super fight would draw even more MMA fans than UFC New York is already planning for.

Michael Bisping

While Bisping has been tossing out several potential opponents for his first title defense, GSP has been the most intriguing.

While both of these fighters have had long Hall-of-Fame careers, they have never faced each other because of the slight weight difference. However, with GSP's long layoff, he may not want to cut as much weight and could feel comfortable fighting at middleweight.

Bisping has long talked about fighting the best of the best. With St-Pierre's track record as a champion, he would definitely be fighting the best.

Conor McGregor

McGregor has been adamant about fighting at 170 in order to preserve his reputation as one of the best fighters in the UFC. If he is willing to stay at welterweight, there may be no bigger pay-per-view draw in the history of MMA.

The resident trash-talker of the UFC taking on GSP in his Octagon return would simply blow the minds of fans. While I do not think that McGregor should be hanging around the welterweight division, I will make an exception if that fight actually materializes.

Anderson Silva

This would be a fight between two of the most dominant champions in UFC history.

St-Pierre's last run in the UFC saw him win 12 straight and had nine title defenses. Before losing to Chris Weidman, Silva had not lost in over seven years, had 16 straight wins and successfully defended his belt 10 times, the greatest championship run in UFC history.

Though Silva has slipped in recent fights and GSP is returning off a three-year hiatus, that would not reduce the hype surrounding this fight at all. Watching arguably the two greatest champions ever duke it out would be many MMA fans dream.

Stephan Thompson

St-Pierre's most recent involvement in the UFC was helping Rory MacDonald train for his fights. MacDonald's last fight was against Thompson who completely picked him apart in a slow methodical bout.

Thompson is the likely challenger for the winner of the Robbie Lawler vs. Tyron Woodley fight at UFC 201 and could soon be the UFC welterweight champion. What better revenge would GSP have than to beat the man who defeated his friend and take back his belt?

A lot would have to happen in the next six months for this scenario to take place, but I really hope that it does so we can see "Wonderboy" try and defeat the ultimate champion.

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