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Josh Molina

I don't know what the song of summer is, but I do know what the name of summer is: Brock Lesnar.

Lesnar will fight at UFC 200 in July, in a fight that will draw huge PPV numbers for the UFC and put several million dollars in Lesnar's back pocket. Lesnar is then scheduled to wrestler for the WWE at SummerSlam in August, where he will again net several million dollars.

And now? Lesnar, the conquerer of the The Undertaker's undefeated streak, will appear on the cover of WWE 2K17 video game. Subtitled "Welcome to Suplex City," the game will be in stores later this year.

Lesnar joins The Rock, John Cena and Stone Cold Steve Austin as some of the icons who have appeared on the cover. Lesnar will be the first sole Superstar appearing on a WWE video game cover.

Floyd Mayweather may be the richest combat sports athlete in the world, but Brock may be pound-for-pound the richest professional athlete-entertainer in the world, per his time of actually having to compete.

Lesnar hasn't fought in the UFC since 2011. He hasn't wrestled in the WWE since March. He's had an extremely light schedule the last several years in the WWE, something like 20 appearances for $5 million.

He will face Mark Hunt at UFC 200, and no matter the outcome, with videos like this, Lesnar undoubtedly will maintain his status as crossover cultural icon.


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