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Last week, introduced Chad George, a former MMA star who gave up the big show to pursue his passion for jiu-jitsu. This week, George explains the difference between preparing for one opponent vs a 16 man bracket.

"I really have to develop game plans for each person I am going in against," he said. "But I also need to really stick to what I am good at."

He says that for MMA you focus on the tapes of one opponent, but for EBI, he will need to know the styles of all of the competitors.

"Now I have to worry about a whole arsenal from each guy," he said.

George's first match was announced this week.

He will face Ara Muradyan in round one and if he passes he could face Eddie Cummings next, who currently holds the title. Eddie Bravo called Muradyan a "leg lock legend and Gokor Chivichyan's best featherweight."

"I have a really tough draw that I am focusing on," George said. "But I'm excited."

Ironically the two were supposed to fight a while back in an MMA bout, but that never came to fruition.

"I guess the universe wants us to fight each other," he said. "We got paired up first."

"I am just getting more and more excited," he added.

George also spent the weekend competing at NABJJF, nabbing two gold medals.

He heads to Las Vegas next week. There he plans on training with people he's not familiar with in order to amp up his skills.

But more on that next week... will be following George for the next three weeks, leading up to his July 16 match at EBI 7. Next week we will break down his weight cut process and preparing for EBI.

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