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Amy Kaplan

I've seen London, I've seen France... I've seen Urijah Faber without his underpants.

And so has the world.

"I was constantly pulling up my shorts," Faber said during a recent appearance in Southern California. "I like the material, but they need to make them so they fit better. I don't know what the deal was. My ass was hanging out."

Faber, who faced Dominick Cruz at UFC 199, was put in an uncomfortable position when his bare butt was exposed during the fight.

Lucky he has a good sense of humor about it.

But that doesn't mean he thinks it's ok.

"The truth is, if I were on the street [fighting] and my pants were falling down, I would not stop to pick them up," Faber said. "I would continue to fight. That's how I like to approach these things."

This isn't the first complaint about ill-fitting Reebok gear as female fighter Valerie Letourneau claims she also had an issue with the sports bra issued to her.

Reebok became the official outfitter of the UFC in July 2015 and the complaints have ranged from lack of sponsorships, spelling mistakes on the gear and now actual issues with the way the fight kits fit.

Faber would go on to lose to Cruz via decision, but doesn't seem to be blaming the mishap for the loss.

"There's no shame in my game," Faber said.


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