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Um, what?!

Yes, you read that right. Chase Gibson, an MMA fighter, competed in a four-round Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament less than 12 hours after knocking his opponent out in an MMA fight.

Wait, wait... let me back up.

Gibson entered the CXF cage around 9 p.m. on Saturday night, swiftly KO'd his opponent with a first round flying kick to the face. Oh and his opponent did a very unsportsmanlike thing right after that can be seen here. And to top all this off Gibson took the fight on just nine days notice. Hashtag Beastmode, am I right?

That would have been the end of that, but not for this guy.

He then woke up bright and early Sunday morning and headed to the NABJJF LA International Open where he was scheduled to compete in what would turn into a four-match marathon that eventually carried him to the finals.

"I figured it would probably be a little stupid and crazy to do a-jiu jitsu tournament," said Gibson who spoke to "I had a couple bumps and bruises from the fight and figured it would be smart to rest. But when I woke up I decided to get a 90-minute massage and go compete instead."

I mean, I would have taken the day off but that's just me!

Gibson, clad with a black eye and tape on his nose, seemed unfazed as he destroyed opponent after opponent to eventually place second overall and helped edge his gym, California Mixed Martial Arts, into third place overall.

"In the end I was happy I competed," he said. "My body on the other hand was pissed off. I was and am physically so fatigued from that."

Check out photos of both the MMA fight, and the jiu-jitsu tournament below.

California Xtreme Fighting

NABJJF LA International Open

Gibson is expected to fight on the next CXF card in August.

(Images by Amy Kaplan)


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