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Sometimes when I’m sitting here trying to write these articles, I wonder if I’m sharing enough of myself with you. Obviously, there are some things that are private, but at the same time, there are some fun things that I think might go a long way to helping you to get to know me better.

I racked my brain on this one, and what I came up with is a list of 10 fun things you might not know about me. It’s nothing groundbreaking, but you might find you have some things in common with me along this little writing journey.

So, here goes.

1. A couple weeks ago, my family went on vacation to Hershey Park.

While we were there, we went to a shop that let you choose a crayon color and get it custom printed with whatever name you wanted. My son named his crayon Brock Lesnar blue. It got me to thinking, if I were a crayon, what color would I want to be. I think my boy is onto something with blue, so my self-named crayon would be Chris Weidman blue.

2. If I were an insect, I’d be a killer bee.

They’re the dominant force in the bee kingdom, so I think I’d want to be one of the winning team.

3. If I could be any superhero, it’d be Superman.

Every time.

4. If I were one of the creatures of the ocean, I’d want to be a sunfish.

They’re fat, lazy and just lay on top of the ocean. When they eat, they just open their mouths and fish swim in like it was a vacuum. They just eat, get fat and hang out. No worries in the world.

5. If I were a car, I’d be a rusty Pontiac Sunbird.

That was my first car, so I identify with it. It’s who I am. AM radio only, dialed straight in to the Disney channel. That’s all me.

6. If I could be a super-villain, I’d be the Joker.

He’s always a couple steps ahead of the people he’s trying to crush.

7. If I hadn’t decided to become an athlete, I would have been a businessman, like a stockbroker.

I have a physical education degree, but I’d want to make money, and there’s not much in being a PE teacher, so maybe I’d be the new Wolf of Wall Street.

8. My all-time favorite, “go to” TV show is King of Queens.

If I sit down to watch some TV, and reruns of that are on, that’s where the channel stays.

9. My favorite food is the chocolate croissant.

It’s fat boy food, so I have to make sure I don’t get crazy with those.

10. This might be something you already know, but I’m a big pro-wrestling fan.

I recently took my son and two nephews out to a WWE event and got pictures with some of the wrestlers. I got a little star struck, I won’t lie.

So, there you have it, everything you always wanted to know about me, but never knew you wanted to know. Try saying that three times fast.

I’ll try and do another one of these soon, but until then, maybe you can answer these same questions in the comments and let me get to know you. I think that’s a pretty fair trade.


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