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I do a ton of interviews that revolve around my fighting career. My first post here was about fighting. I figured this time around, I’d go a different route, and have a little fun, for a change of pace.

I’ve never been what you’d call a movie buff, but I do have some favorites, and there are some films that should be untouched by Hollywood’s obsession with rebooting the classics.

The one that sticks out most in my mind right now is The Sandlot. What a classic that’s stood the test of time so well. I hope they never redo that one. It’s pretty much a perfect movie that you could watch 50 years down the road and still find it just as entertaining as the day it was released. Those movies are few and far between.

There are some movies that could do with an overhaul, but those are typically the ones with outdated special effects. I mean, if it’s going to make the movie better, than I’m all for it, but that’s a lot of pressure, and they can’t mess that up.

When I think about some of the movies that inspired me when I was a kid, and these are also movies I wouldn’t want to see remade, a few come to mind. Lionheart and Kickboxer are at the top of the list. Who doesn’t love some good old-fashioned JCVD action? I think he’s inspired many budding fighters to take it to the next level.

The other movie that made a big impact on me was Braveheart. It’s just a manly movie about war and perseverance. It’s a fighting movie at its core, in a time when the stakes were so much higher.

I recently saw an article that asked if your home was “Independence Day ready,” referencing the movie franchise. I’ve seen the original film, and I know that the premise involved an alien invasion that resulted in a lot of destruction, and a bunch of houses were blasted into dust.

Many of you know that my house was destroyed a few years back by Hurricane Sandy, and that I have a unique understanding of the emotional devastation that goes hand-in-hand with losing your home. I’ve moved since then, and am currently in the process of a move to another home, so the article got me thinking of some things I’d like to look into for my new house.

Being prepared for natural disaster is something everyone should do. I know one can’t really prepare for an alien invasion for a couple reasons, though:

How do you prepare for a completely unknown entity?

Isn’t Will Smith going to save us all anyway?

I’ve got to admit, my home is not where I want it to be just yet. Being in the middle of a move, I am very susceptible to an attack. I’m not very secure at this point, but once we’re all moved in, I am going to be Independence Day ready. I will have guns scattered throughout my house accessible by fingerprints (gotta make sure the kids are safe), I will have land mines on my property (activated with a fingerprint system, as well), I will have night-vision goggles for the family. We will be ultra-prepared. There will be sniper rifles, rocket launchers… I’ll be ready to go.

You can’t forget the secret passages and the panic room. I think I’m going to have those installed, too. Maybe even a bunker, in the event we need to go underground to ride out a nuclear winter. All of this would definitely be the way to go for an alien invasion. Now, I just need to figure out a safety plan for when those Killer Tomatoes attack.


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