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Josh Molina

The master of the Pipe Bomb, CM Punk, is an underdog going into his fight against Mickey Gall at UFC 203.

Also, the Earth is round. Man did walk on the moon and 9/11 was not an inside job. To no one's surprise, Punk won't be the favorite heading into the Octagon.

Gall, 2-0, is a -300 favorite to Punk's +240. A person would have to bet $100 bet on Punk to win $265, while one would need to bet $300 on Gall to win $100.

Punk stunned the world nearly two years ago when he and the UFC announced that he signed an eight-fight UFC deal. Punk, the disgruntled former WWE champion and star of the independent wrestling circuit, has never had an amateur MMA fight. He has many doubters, but Punk is confident he will shock the haters.

Punk's success may not be measured, however, in whether he wins or loses, but how many PPV buys the event draws. Punk has been noticeably quiet in the buildup to the fight, dropping his arrogant wrestling persona for a more humble tone. He may be waiting to win a fight before talking smack, but if he let loose on the microphone between now and UFC 203 on Sept. 10, he might be able to rebuild some of the hype that has subsided since injuries derailed his planned earlier debut.

If Punk can draw big, he'll get another fight in the UFC, but if he flails and the PPV tanks, it may be the end of Phil Brooks and hurt the chances of other WWE superstars jumping into the Octagon.


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