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Amy Kaplan

BJ Penn was set to make his return to the UFC last month, but a mishap involving USADA kept him out of the Octagon.

Penn was flagged for using an IV infusion of a non-prohibited substance which he admitted to in March, a time that was out of competition. He was handed down a six-month suspension by USADA, which Penn has accepted.

According to the USADA website, after a lengthy investigation in which Penn is said to have cooperated, the organization found that the IV received by Penn was administered in a volume greater than 50 mL within a six-hour period. This is prohibited under the UFC Anti-Doping Policy.

Under the same UFC policy, the standard period of suspension may be reduced if an individual admits to a violation. This is why Penn was given a six-month sanction rather than one of two years.

Penn's suspension is retroactive to March 25, the date on which he admitted to the violation.

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