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It’s 2016 and Michael Bisping is the UFC middleweight champ. I bet a lot of you never thought you’d see a day where you’d be able to say that. I’ll give credit where it’s due, he went in prepared and got the job done against a guy that took him for granted.

The thing is, he started off his title era all wrong. The first thing he did when he won the fight was go and taunt the guy he had just knocked out. That certainly wasn’t the best first impression of a new champion to leave people with right off the bat. Someone told me he’s even making little video clips where he’s ordering some kid to polish the belt and things like that. I know it’s not a serious video, but come on now.

Look, I’ll even give him a pass on that because Luke was talking a lot before the fight. He was writing him off, and I feel that Luke was really in need of a nice helping of humble pie. Mike gave it to him, and he was excited about it. Really excited. The animosity between the two of them was a very real thing, so yeah, I’ll give him a pass.

Something I don’t like to see, though, as a champion, this guy is now trying to become a matchmaker for the UFC. He’s trying to call out the No. 13 guy now? Let me give you a brief history lesson here. Dan Henderson is ranked No. 13 in the middleweight division currently. He’s lost six of his last nine fights. Of those six losses, he was stopped four times. Of those four stoppages, two of them were devastating knockouts. I know he just beat Hector Lombard, but let’s not forget what Neil Magny did to Lombard in the fight before that. Let’s also not forget that going into that fight, Hector was unranked at middleweight.

This is who Michael Bisping thinks is the best opponent to face. Are you kidding me?

It’s kind of crazy. Here’s the champion, and when you look at the rankings, the No. 1 contender is Luke, who you just beat. Who is the closest guy to you that you haven’t fought yet? That’s right, that would be me, and that would be a no-brainer. But this guy, he’s just trying to win another fight. He’s so shocked that he’s the champion, that he’s trying to give himself a chance hold onto that belt a little while longer, so he picks Henderson because he thinks it will be an easy win.

I heard that he was doing some interview and was actually answering questions about a fantasy fight with Conor McGregor and talking trash. Listen, if somebody was asking me about a fight with Conor, I wouldn’t even entertain the question, hypothetical or not. That’s just something that wouldn’t ever happen. He went up to 170 pounds and we all saw that didn’t work out for him. He’s a 145-pounder. I wouldn’t ever talk about breaking his neck or whatever was he said. I’d feel like a bully talking like that about a 145-pound guy.

Georges St-Pierre, on the other hand, there’s a really entertaining thought. Man, that’s a smart move for GSP. He wants to come back, he wants to win a belt, and he wants to beat somebody that’s really not that good. Bisping would be the perfect comeback fight for him. I can completely understand why he’d want to do that. If I were in his shoes, I’d pick Mike, too.


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