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Conor McGregor isn't known to be the silent type, but what he admitted recently has been a bit of a shocker.

The notoriously brash McGregor spoke at 'Win or Learn – An Evening with John Kavanagh' this weekend in Ireland and discussed some of the reasons he believes he lost his fight with Nate Diaz.

In case you forgot, McGregor was expected to fight Rafael dos Anjos at 155 pounds (instead of his normal 145-pound weight class) but dos Anjos had to pull out last minute due to an injury. That left McGregor without an opponent, until Diaz stepped in to fight at 170 pounds.

"My boy almost went into shock because I was stuffing my face eating everything," McGregor said. "Usually, when I cut to featherweight it's very taxing on me and I normally put myself in bubble wrap, but this time, because I didn't have to cut weight, I was still training all week long and we were doing 6-8 hour sessions and swinging on gymnastics rings."

In fact McGregor's weigh-ins have been widely criticized because of how unhealthy he looks the day before he fights.

"Looking back it wasn't the best idea and it bit me in the ass," he went on to say. "I was a little heavy around the midsection and I was overtrained, my diet wasn't great and it came back and bit me in the ass so as the coach says 'you win or your learn' and I learned. This time, I'm staying on my nutrition and I'm very fight orientated and I'm not swinging on gymnastic rings too much anymore."

He says that now he feels much more prepared to face Diaz in the rematch.

"I'm feeling very confident in myself and I'm going to toy with this man," McGregor said. "I think there's a lot of stuff I can improve upon next time and I'm going in there confident I will get this rematch back."

The discussion of over training has been a hot topic lately and even UFC Middleweight Champion Michael Bisping had something to say about it.

McGregor faces Diaz at UFC 202 for a rematch at 170 pounds.


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