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Bellator 157: Dynamite 2 was filled with interesting fights and a few upsets, but the biggest highlight of the night was Rampage Jackson's return to the cage.

While his fight didn't end in the spectacular fashion we all wanted it to, the fact is he still pulled out a win. Now the question everyone's asking is, will he fight for the heavyweight belt? I personally think it would be interesting to have him go for Bellator gold considering he once possessed a UFC title, but there is already controversy over his decision over Ishii.

Let's analyse the main card of Bellator 157, and we'll get deeper into Rampage's latest win in a minute.

Matt Mitrione vs. Carl Seumanutafa

Early in the first round, Carl Seumanutafa looked sensational against Matt Mitrione, landing a huge punch that spun him around and knocked him down. However, while on the ground, Matt gained his composure and got to his feet. Throwing all of his weight into a diving punch, he put an end to what would have been a great round for Seumanutafa. While he admits that he doesn't even remember most of the fight after that huge blow, this was still a great first round knockout for Mitrione!

Ilima-Lei Macfarlane vs. Rebecca Ruth

The story of this fight is that Macfarlane isn't someone to be messed with. She completely dominated Ruth, constantly going for takedowns and keeping to either the clinch or the ground. When it looked like she finally sunk a choke in, Ruth peeled her arm off, and tried to get back to her feet.

However, back down she went, and another choke attempt. Just as she's getting to her feet and trying to recover from these two submission attempts, Macfarlane stuck to her back and sunk in another choke, forcing Ruth to tap out before she even fell back to the ground.

Macfarlane is a girl to watch in the future, and she proved tonight that her submissions are truly deadly.

Michael Chandler vs. Patricky Pitbull

The title of this Bellator event was Dynamite 2, but the real dynamite was in Michael Chandler's hands for this co-main event. In the first round, just as it looked like it was going to be a long five round chess match, Chandler landed a big one punch knockout that you could hear echo through the building.

Pitbull was laid flat on his back, and Chandler is now the new Lightweight Bellator Champion. After a heated exchange with Patricky's older brother and former champion, Chandler couldn't be happier, and we couldn't be happier for him.

Rampage Jackson vs. Satoshi Ishii

Tonight's main event and Jackson's long awaited return was a bit upsetting to many, in both the fight and the decision. The entire fight was Jackson trying to goad Ishii into allowing him a knockout blow, and Ishii putting his Judo gold medal to good use by laying all over Rampage.

The first two rounds in my mind went to Ishii 10-9, because he wore Jackson down and stayed on him in a dominant position. However, with Jackson finally getting in some good ground-and-pound in the third and final round, it could easily be seen as a 10-8 round. The split decision really should have gone to Ishii, but a big name like Rampage Jackson losing a close decision to Ishii? Inconceivable. The judges made a fishy call in favor of a UFC legend, and even though I'm personally not a fan of Ishii's style, I do think the fight should have gone to him.

Should Jackson get a chance at the Bellator championship now? My answer is, why not? He's a big name and it could make for an interesting fight. This fight doesn't really help or hurt his chances at that shot, but who knows, maybe it'll happen in the near future?


Do you think Rampage Jackson should get a title shot?