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You won't see too many fights where a guy lands 95 punches to the skull in one round and the fight isn't stopped. But when it's 2010, and you're Brock Lesnar, the biggest attraction at the time in the history of the UFC, you tend to get a little latitude with the referee.

In this case, that latitude paid off in a big way for Lesnar and the UFC. Even though Shane Carwin hammered Lesnar with wicked shots, left and right hands to the head, over and over and over, almost in cadence with the steady drum beat of Queen's "Under Pressure," Lesnar survived. And not only did he survive at UFC 116, he rallied to win, like he was LeBron James or something.

As Lesnar gets ready to enter the Octagon one more time against Mark Hunt at UFC 200, to live or die trying, it's intriguing to take a look at some of Lesnar's big UFC moments.

His arm triangle-choke victory over Carwin was probably the biggest moment of Lesnar's career. He showed his toughness, he came back after getting whipped and then climbed to the top of the cage, throwing three WWE-style soft punches to his chin. A little harder, he probably would have knocked himself out.

Lesnar declared in his post-fight interview that he was a man "blessed by God."

He was also blessed by referee Josh Rosenthal that night.

The two fighters circled each other for the beginning of the round until Carwin landed a left uppercut, another left hand and then followed him to the ground to begin what would have been a felony assault had it happened on the streets of Las Vegas. Carwin absolutely brutalized Lesnar with 95 punches, blows that cut Lesnar open and swelled his face. This went on for nearly three minutes.

Credit to Lesnar for never dropping his head back on the mat, or looking like he was unconscious. Even though Lesnar took all those shots, his body never relaxed like he was completely out, like Luke Rockhold against Michael Bisping.

Lesnar ended up standing Carwin up at the end of Round 1, in what would turn out to be the beginning of the end for Carwin.

Carwin punched himself out. He had nothing left after his flurry. So at the start of Round 2, Lesnar shot for the takedown, laid on top of him, and them choked a tired, weak, defenseless Carwin out with a triangle choke.

Lesnar had defended his title for the second and final time.

It was also the last fight Lesnar won, and no we aren't counting his victory over The Undertaker.

Lesnar will face a similar fighter in Hunt, who arguably punches harder than Carwin. Lesnar may find himself in the same situation, but without the referee giving Lesnar 95 punches to take. With Hunt, it may not take 95. It could take only one.

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