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Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle was fired from the WWE in 2006. After a decade, it looked like he was coming home, to enjoy a retirement run and then induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

But contrary to Angle's famous catch phrase, "It's True, It's True," it turns out that his glorious return is, in fact, not true. reported that the WWE confirmed Angle is not on his way back to the squared circle.

Angle may have been wishspeaking, or maybe the WWE pulled the plug because Angle started mouthing off publicly about his potential return.

Angle was widely considered one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, and the best to ever join the WWE from amateur competition. He earned the WWE title and became one of the sport's biggest stars, but injuries and an admitted addiction to pain killers forced the WWE to let him go. Angle spent the last decade wrestling in TNA, having some of the greatest matches on the planet with top stars, including Sting, Samoa Joe and AJ Styles. He was also one of the sport's most entertaining superstars.

Here's Angle back in his WWE days, just being freakin' hilarous. Go to 1:57.

But Angle was most known for his incredible in-ring work rate:

Jim Ross, former WWE commentator, said on his podcast that he is not surprised that Angle isn't coming back to the WWE.

“Not shocked that the great Kurt Angle is not returning to WWE, but I will be shocked if he’s not inducted into the WWE HOF some day sooner than later as in the next five years. Big time contributor to the WWE brand who made the most seamless transition from the amateurs to the pros as any wrestler I think I’ve ever seen and that includes Brock Lesnar, Dan Hodge, Jack Brisco and the Iron Sheik, among others. The difference? Kurt’s ability to flourish inside the ‘entertainment cocoon’ of the genre as well as continually developing his in ring skills in the pro wrestling world. The pure, entertainment component was arguably the difference maker for me. Kurt was a natural and I’m blessed to have been in the signing and management process for the early days of Kurt’s career.”

While Angle might not be headed back to the WWE, we're all hoping Ronda Rousey will follow up on her WrestleMania appearance from 2015. And that happens... watch out, women's division.


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