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The fluid combat skills of Ben Affleck's butt-kicking Batman were some of the few highlights from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Unfortunately the overuse of his clunky, Iron Man-wannabe armor meant less screen time for the Dark Knight to showcase his inner Bruce Lee, and it sounds like he will once again be sporting extra protection in the upcoming Justice League film.

Batman is at his best not when he's raining down bullets from the Batwing or punching Superman in the face with a robotic fist. The Caped Crusader has become a beloved figure because he's ultimately just a man who can use his brains and martial arts abilities to overcome even superhuman foes.

That's why the warehouse scene in Batman v Superman was so compelling to fans and critics alike. It was a ripped from the comic books, pure Batman sequence of Gotham's hero taking out a room full of criminals with spectacular jumps, kicks, and throws.

Affleck told Reuters that his version of the Bat was influenced by UFC fighters like Conor McGregor, which is why the hand-to-hand fight scenes come across as so real and visceral.

It's clear that people enjoyed this physical aspect to the character. However, we may end up seeing less of his martial arts skills in Justice League.

Costume designer Michael Wilkinson told during a recent set visit that Batman's suit will be getting a few upgrades for the upcoming team-up flick. In particular, the Dark Knight's alternate costume will apparently be a less cumbersome, but ultimately armored-plated "tactical Bat-suit" with more tech and protection.

Since this second suit is meant for more powerful, superhuman threats, it wouldn't be a surprise if it had some bulk to it like the Batman v Superman mech armor. That would be a shame since it would once again restrict the Dark Knight's movements and fancy footwork, replacing the MMA-style action with more rockets and bullets.

Wilkinson also revealed to that Bruce Wayne will be spending some time in the shop building vehicles and gear for his new superhero pals, including the ridiculously named, team transport called the Flying Fox (seriously).

When did Batman become Tony Stark?

Of course he's always used some high-tech gear and has built some truly outrageous crime-fighting toys over the years, but that's not the core of who he is. His best attributes are his mind and body, not his jets and armored suits.

Fans are inspired by superheroes because they can relate to some aspect of their character, a piece of their story that people can actualize in real life. For instance, Tony Stark is popular because young viewers can see themselves growing up to be engineers who can save the world.

Batman has a similar but broader appeal because, unlike his Marvel billionaire counterpart, there are a lot of case studies of people becoming highly skilled martial artists or detectives. You don't see that many metal suits flying around.

Director Zack Snyder and company need to realize that the Dark Knight must be allowed to kick butt and take names like Bruce Lee, not hide behind a tin can costume. We've already got an Iron Man.


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