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Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is one of MMA's legends. An original icon with fights in PRIDE, UFC and now Bellator, Jackson's place in MMA history is set.

At 38 years old, he will fight Friday Night against Satoshi Ishii, a Japanese judo Olympic Gold Medalist at Bellator: Dynamite 2. Jackson (36-11) is the favorite against Ishii (14-5) who has been knocked out by Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Cro Cop, and most recently by some guy named Jiri Prochazka.

Whenever Jackson fights, however, it's going to be entertaining. He comes to win and win big. As Jackson, one of the faces of Bellator, gets ready to enter the cage, let's look at some of Jackson's rampages in previous fights. Here's why he's a legend.

6. Rampage Jackson vs. Joey Beltran, TKO, 4:59, Round 1.

Beltran is a scrappy fighter, but he's not in Jackson's MMA league and it showed when he was knocked out quickly. Beltran, who likes to trade punches, was the perfect fit for Jackson's debut in Bellator.

5. Rampage Jackson vs. Christian M'Pumbo, TKO, 4:34, Round 1.

We got some nice trash-talking after this one, right in M'Pumbo's face. Stay Classy, Rampage.

4. Rampage Jackson vs. Marvin Eastman, TKO, 3:49, Round 2

There's nothing like a little holding and hitting. Jackson pummeled, and I mean pummeled Eastman to with a series of right uppercuts, while holding the back of his head with his left. Eastman dropped to the ground like a basketball. Jackson is a fighter and when he hits you, you go out. It was also a rematch where Jackson got his revenge.

3. Rampage Jackson vs. Ricardo Arona, KO, 7:32, Round 1

Jackson finished Arona with a power bomb that would have made Pyscho Sid Vicious and Kevin Nash proud. This was the MMA powerbomb of all powerbombs. Arona appeared to be going for an armbar when Jackson decided to lift him up in the air and slam him into the canvas. Watch the move here: Some guys have catchy nicknames that are marketable, but don't really fit the fighter, but in Jackson's case, Rampage fits PERFECT.

2. Rampage Jackson vs. Chuck Liddell, KO, 1:53, Round 1.

Jackson sure knows how to finish a fight. With both guys circling each other, showing a lot of respect for each other's power, Jackson finally emerged victorious after clipping Liddell on the jaw with a looping right hand. An elbow and few more right hands put the Iceman on Ice and Jackson claimed the UFC light heavyweight championship. The victory elevated Jackson to the top of the UFC, earning him fans and also haters for knocking out Liddell, one of the UFC's original icons.

1. Rampage Jackson vs. Wanderlei Silva, KO, 3:31 Round 1

Rampage finally got his revenge. Silva had knocked Jackson out twice before in PRIDE, but three times would not happen.

After a boring start of the first round, Jackson, connected with a solid left hook to the chin, sending Silva crashing to the mat, re-establishing his manhood against the Brazilian.

Just to rub it in, Jackson followed Silva to the mat and landed a couple more punches to the defenseless legend. With both Silva and Jackson together again in Bellator, you have to think the obvious fight is Jackson vs. Silva 4.

And to that, Ron Simmons says this:


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