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Amy Kaplan

Garry Tonon is one of the best grapplers in the world right now and he is set to face Metamoris founder Ralek Gracie at Metamoris 7.

The pair have engaged in a series of online trash talk and it looks like it's boiling down to some friendly wagers.

Tonon has said that if Gracie taps him he will get "G in a Gi" tattooed on his left butt cheek live on Facebook.

"Because getting tapped by Ralek would be more humiliating than that anyway," Tonon said in a comment on Gracie's Instagram. "I got nothing to lose."

Gracie implied that because he has already been tapped by Kron Gracie, he's short one tattoo.

"[Garry] should start with a Ice Cream Kron tattoo to keep things on the up and up," he said on his Instagram.

Then Tonon fired back with another Instagram post.

The snap is of two legs in full casts and the caption, "I have been criticized for not giving Ralek the respect he deserves. I have already agreed to sign his cast after the match, if that's not I don't know what is."

Ohhh this is getting SO good.

Also, in case you were wondering where G with a Gi came from, it's actually lyrics from when Gracie attempted a rap career. Watch and listen.

The pair will settle the score on July 17 when they headline Metamoris 7 in Hollywood.


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