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The Ohio Boxing Commission has created a rule that gives them the authority to require fighters weigh in at a second weigh-in up to 8 hours before the start of the event.

This new rule requires every contestant light heavyweight and below to weigh in no more than 8 pounds more than the weight recorded the previous day. Fighters above a155 weight-class can not re-weigh-in more than 13 pounds over their recorded weight.

Texas professional fighter Adonis Sauicdo of Ponce Martial Arts in MacAllen Texas believes, "a lot of fighters cut 20+ lbs and after rehydration gain a whole lot more than 8lbs before the fight."

Fighters across the country are furious and believe this new rule would change MMA forever if it were implemented nationwide.

Omar Avelar of Avelar MMA in the Lummi Reservation of Washington State said, "this is the stupidest rule I have ever heard. Every promotion would have one fight on the card if this rule was passed nationwide."

Avelar believes, "every fighter gains at least 10 pounds of water weight after weigh-ins ... I know my guys and I will stay clear of Ohio, SMH."

It's safe to say the rehydration period a fighter has the night before the fight is extremely important in the refueling process of a weight cut.

In most cases the weight cut had minimal effects, and the weight gained will ensure they peak fight night. In extreme cases some fighters are not as successful in cutting the weight, and sometimes go without food and water for extended periods of time in an attempt to shed the last few pounds.

"Cutting weight... can be dangerous at times," said Sacido. "You're training hard and cutting at the same time. When you rehydrate your like at max level."

It's clear that many fighters are upset with hearing about this new rule in Ohio and hope this trend does not continue nationwide. On the other hand, the new regulation could prevent health complications or even death as a result of unsafe weight cutting.


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