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Josh Molina

CM Punk may be "The Best in the World." But he's also a big procrastinator.

Punk's UFC debut has experienced delay after delay, but his first fight is officially official, finally. Let's hope it stays that way.

Punk had been reported to make his debut at UFC 202. Injuries have delayed Punk's debut to the point where people are doubting whether the former professional wrestling star will ever fight at all.

Punk is attempting to fight in the UFC at age 38, without any amateur MMA fights. His signing nearly two years ago brought out the haters, but many professional wrestling fans relished in the idea that Punk would try MMA.

Pro wrestling fans believe everything is a work, anyway, so even if Punk loses, they will probably just believe that Punk put Gall over because that is what is "best for business."

Punk has nothing to lose in his UFC debut. He'll bank a ton of cash based on PPV points. He will show bravery that his haters and many ex-WWE colleagues have not. And even if he loses, no one really expects him to win, so he comes out even, no matter what. And if he wins? We're talking about the UFC's next Conor McGregor.


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