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Amy Kaplan

Granted I'm not the biggest comic book person, but I am a huge MMA nerd and I never knew this existed!

Apparently there is a comic book series called Cagehero, which is MMA-Influenced. Um, where can I buy every copy?

Not only is the discovery of the series totally amazing, but former UFC champ Chris Weidman has now teamed up with them to help develop the series, according to Forbes.

Now, with an actual bad ass fighter behind the story I know it's going to be epic!

“Once we came up with our mantra: ‘The hero comes from within,’ we were really looking for someone that was the whole package,” Ian Parker, Cagehero’s co-creator, said to Forbes. “Chris represents exactly the type of fighter we wanted for the brand.”

In addition to Parker is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles co-creator Kevin Eastman is also involved with the series.

So it looks like this franchise is in capable hands. Weidman is recovering from neck surgery so it seems this might be the perfect time for this as well.

You can purchase the first issue for just $2.50. No word on when issue No. 2 will be released.


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