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Mixed martial arts has reached a new pinnacle, becoming the fastest growing sport in the world. So it's no surprise that celebrities are showing up in droves to attend the UFC's biggest events.

Sure there are the athletes, the action-stars and the usual suspects, but here is a list of a few celebrities you might be surprised to see sitting around the Octagon.

Watch below!

5) Leonardo DiCaprio

This recent oscar winner has been quoted as saying he was more excited to attend UFC 196 than the Academy Awards.

I can’t wait for him to play Conor McGregor in the inevitable biopic.

4) Anthony Bourdain

Chef, author, travel-host… jiu-jitsu champ?

Bourdain not only frequents UFC events, he recently took home gold in a New York jiu-jitsu tournament.

He certainly brings new meaning the term Renaissance Man. Step your game up, everybody!

3) Charlize Theron

Not only is she the badass heroine of Mad Max she is a self-described “obsessive” fan of the UFC.

For the love of God, just marry me already!

2) Robert Downey Jr.

While everybody has been concerned with his battle with Captain America, the actor has actually shown he’s on team… Dana White? When asked what he “geeks out about,” the UFC topped his list.

Me too, Robert! Me too! Want to hang? No? Fair enough. You’re busy, I get it. Good talk.

1) Paris Hilton

OK, I can’t confirm she’s an actual fan, but she has been spotted quite a few UFC events... probably shouting something along the lines of "I hope the blue team wins! Selfie!”


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